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About Us

About Us


Purchasing Service

Shopping Service from Thailand is 100% guarantee and convenient by just pay only 5% of total amount you will get 100% refund due to any issue occur. We can buy from any Website in Thailand also many app like: Lazada , Shopee , JD Central ....


Delivery Service

Delivery Services from Thailand to Cambodia and from Cambodia to Thailand conveniently and fast speed only 2-3days.


Money Transfer Service

Money transfer service from Cambodia to Thailand and from Thailand to Cambodia, which is easy and fast.


Teach Shopping From Thailand

Shopping tutoring services from Thailand is convenient for non-Thai speakers also can purchase products from Thailand proficiently. Contact us now is Free of Charge.

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Assistance Shipping

  • 1Kg to 10Kg
  • 10Kg to 30Kg
  • 30kg Up
Service By under $ 20 Service charge only $ 1 Buy from $ 20 and up charge only 5% of the price
  • Your Goods will be calculated according to actual size CBM or Kilogram.
  • For Delivery Service goods that easy to damage we don’t responsible and damage caused by our company we will refund X3 of the shipping cost or depend on the actual amount of damage.
  • For losing items we are responsible for the tracking number that has signed from our warehouse man but the goods have not reached the customer within 14days. We are not responsible for any loss of goods that customers use COD Terms.

***  Noted: The company has the right to change any terms.

  1. Goods under 1kg =1kg too
  2. Delivery Duration is 2-3days (Excluding shipping from Thailand)
  3. Accepting all kind of products for delivery except the following below type of:
7b5e37e158df63bbbe56904b3f6255df.png Danger
041c7d05646d9e878c701862a34cbdfc.png Animal
6b81156265264e529ea36bf5c5494b4f.png Gas
e4f5b2891ddfdb033aecff4a8c625681.png Gun
96b709ec25c9bc42ba0c15b8ac6fe128.png Drug
571220cb20f78bcbd9deef18c5c52864.png Chemical